Which Blinds are your windows love match? Take this quiz to find out!

Whether you have a window with a bad relationship with a blind and it’s been spreading negative vibes around your house for ages, or you have a lonely window seeking a soulmate this Valentine’s Day, this quiz is for you!

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What are Vision Blinds?

Vision Blinds (also called day and night blinds) are a new innovative addition to the blinds world. They consist of two layers of both opaque and translucent woven strips. The front layer moves independently of the back allowing the strips to glide between each other creating an open and close effect.

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How safe are your blinds?

Window blinds are a beautiful addition to your home and are becoming increasingly popular and preferred among many families in the UK. Many types of blinds operate with cords or chains and if you don’t take the right safety measures, they can pose a big risk to the safety and life of your children, especially those between the age of one and three years.

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Keep your conservatory warm in Winter

Many people tend to build conservatories or buy a house with one already built in thinking that it’ll become their new favourite place in the house. The truth is conservatories are left abandoned most of the year because they are either too cold in Winter or too hot in Summer.

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